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Here’s A Look At The Nintendo Costumes In Bayonetta 2

Nintendo has provided us with a look at all the announced Nintendo themed costumes Bayonetta will wear in the upcoming…


東京喰種詰め by 竹花

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WHY AREN’Y PEOPLE JUST AS EXCITED AS I AM FOR THIS GAME!? D: Seriously guys, this game is going to be amazing. From developers h.a.n.d. AND level-5 PLUS music from Nobuo Uematsu who composed the music for Final’ll be just as beautiful too.

As in terms of gameplay, it’ll be a mix of animal crossing, final fantasy, and harvest moon. Not only can you completely customize your character, but you can choose between the 12 different classes and aren’t forced to stay within that class. Actually, they encourage you to switch between classes often. PLUS WHAT? ONLINE MULTIPLAYER? OH YES. You can have friends meet you in your game and explore dungeons together! Which will be really helpful if you’re having a hard time with a dungeon monster who’s difficult to beat. And no fighting over the items that you get when you do defeat one! Everyone who participates will receive the same exact items. OH BUT DID I MENTION YOU GET A PET COMPANION THAT FIGHTS WITH YOU AND YOU CAN FULLY CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOUSE TOO?

Yeah guys. Get this game. Comes out on October 24th in NA. You’re welcome.

Also for those of you who live in small towns and plan to buy this game when it comes out, I’d HIGHLY recommend pre-ordering it! I went to gamestop the other day and the guy who was working there said they’d only get about 10 copies. He didn’t even know what game I was talking about at first and I live hawaii where there’s not only TONS of japanese tourists but we’re the closest to japan. -__-